Assimilated 2

Assimilated 2
Assimilated 2

After Dr. Jeanine McCarthy was transformed into a nano-machine avatar by The Unity, she consumed and assimilated everything she could find, including the scientists who worked at the laboratory. These people were turned into avatars for The Unity, and while they willingly seek out to assimilate new material, some have grown bored of their tasks. Two particular avatars have created a contest to see who can consume the most matter in a set amount of time in a bid for entertainment.

Tags: giant male, giantess, female muscle, muscle growth, extreme muscle growth, man muscle growth, nano-machines, slime, breast expansion, growth, future, vore, science

Released June 24, 2018
10 pages + cover
Story by Hank Birche
Artwork by WantedWaifus
This issue is part of the Assimilated series.

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