Dueling Divas

Dueling Divas
Dueling Divas

An ancient mystical tradition exists where women enhance their physical assets by fighting in special arenas with some very high stakes: when the loser submits, the winner steals any properties they want from the loser. It could be hair color, or bust size, or muscle mass, or anything. When Sandra’s village is raided by bandits, she must prove herself by defeating their leader, Eva, undefeated veteran of forty matches with power to match. But first, she must get through her rival Milla, a sorceress with her own impressive record…and along the way rediscover the lost sexual arts that allow her to make even the toughest opponent yield.

Tags: Breast expansion, ass expansion, muscle growth, deflation, transfer, lesbian, sex, magic

Released September 24, 2015
15 pages + cover
Story by Extremist
Artwork by SednaStudio-BigJ
This issue is part of the Dueling Divas series.

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