Easy Cum, Easy Grow 2

Easy Cum, Easy Grow 2
Easy Cum, Easy Grow 2

Gary, the muscle growth enthusiast turned scientist, has discovered that his cum transforms women into muscular amazons. With Stacey, his best friend and muscular lover, he built Fem-Mus Corp: a company that produces and sells a temporary version of the serum to customers. Their former boss and current rival, Mass Corp. head Miss Byne, now sees her company's fortunes falling. However, she still has access to all of their old research notes...

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, breast expansion, height increase, sex, attribute theft, muscle transfer, humiliation, science

Released February 10, 2019
10 pages + cover
Story by Kimenguman
Artwork by SednaStudio-QWZ
This issue is part of the Easy Cum, Easy Grow series.

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