Empress Rising

Empress Rising
Empress Rising

The realms of Tashara are used to war, especially the numberless barbarian hordes of the north that excel in leaving their blood-soaked marks when they invade the realms in their so-called ‘blood raids’. When the visionary Prince Parzival finally unites the feudal human empires under his banner and defeats the barbarians with the help of his trusted dark-elf advisor Gywenaria (and previously unknown magical warfare), hope for a long lasting age of peace blooms. But Parzival's wife, the Amazon Princess Thalestris, is unconvinced by his defensive approach. So she develops her own plans for a new age…

Tags: giantess, female muscle growth, outgrowing clothes, bursting out of clothes, clothes ripping, breast expansion

Released May 10, 2017
10 pages + cover
Story by CiHity
Artwork by Enroc Studio

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