Oopsy 2

Oopsy 2
Oopsy 2

Frustrated that the guys at school find cutie Alyssa even sexier after Hallie slipped her an experimental muscle growth formula, Hallie uses the serum herself, but the results are far different than she hoped. Is outgrowing Alyssa enough to restore Hallie’s popularity? And who will help when Hallie needs rescuing?

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, extreme muscle growth, mini-giantess, height increase, growth, sex, super strong, clothes ripping, button popping, shrinking woman, shrunken woman, shrinking man, shrunken man, revenge, dick play, mouth play, blowjob, science

Released July 24, 2015
15 pages + cover
Story by Mac Rome
Artwork by Octo
This issue is part of the Oopsy series.

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