She Fell From the Sky 3

She Fell From the Sky 3
She Fell From the Sky 3

Kidnapped from Earth, Tamara Rita Fels is believed to be the prophesied Knight of Daskar, especially after she defeated the “burning rage” of a magically created dragon. Now a witch has kidnapped Fred, Tamara’s new love. To rescue him, Tamara must face the “Violet Horror” feared throughout her new home with less protection than ever...

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, muscle loss, height increase, size transfer, muscle transfer, clothes ripping, sex, blowjob, feats of strength, lift and carry, destruction, leaping, magic

Released July 24, 2021
10 pages + cover
Story by Mac Rome
Artwork by Mad Max Duarte, Omar Vinole
This issue is part of the She Fell From the Sky series.

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