Women of Skyros

Women of Skyros
Women of Skyros

The untold story of Achilles before the Trojan War finds him hiding in the fabled harem of Skyros. The women, under their Lord's care, have not felt the touch or gaze of a man in years. What initially seems like the perfect hiding spot turns even more dangerous than a war when Achilles finds out why the women have been kept chaste. The harem's ladies all share an undeniable hunger—an insatiable lust that only grows with the temptation of a man's cock. Achilles is in for one hell of an adventure... if he can survive it!

Tags: muscle growth, female muscle, harem, mini-giantess, feminine male, competition, fighting, femdom

Released January 24, 2019
10 pages + cover
Story by Malen
Artwork by Bokuman

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