A New and Improved Recipe


A brand new energy drink is causing a stir after a marketing stunt went viral on social media. Beast Energy's newest product was demonstrated by some lovely ladies who showed just how potent the new recipe is.

Women all over the globe have been queuing outside stores, hoping to get their hands on a can. A spike in shattered pelvis' has also been recorded in recent days. Experts have been blaming the new trend on Snu Snu, which has been rapidly increasing since the release of the energy drink. Become a beast with Beast Energy's new and improved recipe!

Coming soon to a store near you is Beast Energy's brand new recipe, that's sure to give you the boost to become a real beast at the gym!

WARNING, side effects may include: Rapid muscle growth, clitoral growth, increased height, increased arousal, monster-like transformations. Side effects may be increased in women. Not suitable for minors and pregnant women.

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, height increase, science, clothes ripping, multiple girls, transformation

Story by ChaosNacho
Artwork by Seduction Studios-Celestin

High resolution (3210x4961)

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