A Shocking Turn Around

Akari Himemiya stands in front of the mirror in the challenger's waiting room. She takes a deep breath and looks at her self in the mirror. She does not seem that opposing being 18 years old, standing 5' 0' with brown hair, brown eyes, glasses, and a body like that of a middle schooler. But underneath is a fighter who is strong, fast, and ready to take the championship.
'Just one more round. One more round and I will have taken the championship!'
Akari clenches her fist with determination.
Suddenly she hears a knock on the door. 'Two minutes left.'
'Okay! I am ready. Just let me grab a drink first.' Akari replies.
She looks in the fridge for a drink.
'Well this is new.' She eyes a bottle with a blue liquid inside it and reads the label. 'Enerjuice. Electric Blue flavor. Formulated to give you the 'edge' on the competition. Hmmm. I could use the extra edge right now... bottoms up!'
She downs the energy drink. Unknown to her, her eyes flash blue for a few seconds after the first few gulps.

Akari is lead back out to the arena to the deafening sound of cheers and applause. It is there she sees her final opponent, a massive brute of a man standing 5'11' and built like a brick wall. The two fighters walk to the middle of the arena and size each other up. The ring announcer gets the audience riled up. The brute laughs at Akari.
'I have no problems beating up a little girl in glasses!' The brute laughs.
'Well guess what, I'm not a little girl!'

The bell rings and the fight begins. Akari punches straight into the brute's abdomen. She quickly draws back her hand, shaking in pain. She dodges a jab from the brute and kicks into his solar plexus. Nothing happens. The brute just laughs as he starts to take another swing at her. Akari deftly dodges the haymaker and uppercuts him in the face! And swings at him again as he reels back from the hit. She hits him square in the eye! The brute howls in pain. Akari backs up, runs and jumps for a roundhouse kick... and is caught! The brute proceeds to throw her into the ground HARD. She gets the air knocked out of her and loses her glasses. Growling, the brute pummels her repeatedly until she is a bloody mess. The crowd cheers wildly at the display and then he picks her up off the ground and throws her into the lights.
The arena grows silent. Akari screams in pain and falls to the ground with electricity dancing over her, convulsing. The referee stops the match and walks over to Akari. The only sound to be heard is the brute's laughter and Akari's cries of pain.

Akari continues to scream and convulse as the electricity surges through her body. However, upon closer inspection, her body appears to be healing itself. All the wounds she had inflicted on her body was closing up where the electricity danced. Her muscles was starting to give a toned definition and her breasts began to swell slightly. The ref jumps back as Akari let out a loud scream. Her eyes shoot wide open glowing blue with electricity and look like a cat. All of the sudden, her body starts to expand and grow.

The first items to self-destruct were her gloves and shoes. Her shirt grows tight across her body and rises up her abdomen and arms getting caught on her swelling chest and and biceps. Her bra snaps freeing her breasts pulling the shirt tighter until it finally tears. Her arms tear through the taught sleeves, leaving the shirt in taters, just barely hanging on. Her abdominal muscles swell giving her an eight-pack. As with her shirt, her pants rise up and become obliterated into tattered high cut shorts from the growing quads and calf muscles, with assistance from her swelling glutes. Lightning bolts that look like scars begin to form on her skin. The patterns wrap around her entire body, except for her breasts, finally ending with the appearance of two smaller bolts on her cheeks. Her hair grows down past her rear end. Akari lets out another primal scream as her eyes and hair both radiate blue light and change to gold and silver respectively.

The crowd watches as she stands up from the ground with the electricity dancing around her. The brute looks in confusion as to what had just happened.
'Now this is unexpected.' Akari examines her new body. She touches her face noticing that she can see perfectly without her glasses. She flexes her arms watching softballs rise up from each bicep. She runs her hands over her breasts and abdomen. She stares at the new markings on her body. Then looks back at the brute. 'Shall we continue? I'm not dead yet!'
The brute pauses for a second and then charges like a bull at her. Akari rears back her right arm and slams her fist into his side, fully charged with electricity. The brute yells in pain from the bolt. The crowd cheers. She hit him again in the other side with her left. The crowd cheered louder. The brute gasps for air. And finally Akari spins around and kicks him right in the temple. The crowd grows silent again. The brute falls over while his eyes roll into the back of his head. The ref stops the match, walks over to the brute's body and examines him. The ref nods his head.

'Winner. Akari Himemiya!' The referee announces grabbing Akari's arm and raising to the sky. The crowd grows wild. Shouts of praise can be heard. The emergency staff walks over and takes the brute to the medical room.
'So, Akari, what are you going to do with the money?!' The announcer grabs a hold of her.
'Use it to support my little brother and I through school!' Akari shouts as she jumps in the air. The bounce of her breasts upon landing breaks the last strands of fabric holding the shirt together.
'Kya!!' Akari squeaked as she quickly covered her breasts with her arms.
'But first, I need to find a way to explain how little, big sis isn't so little anymore...' She sees her reflection in the trophy that is brought out to her. 'And also very different from before...' She comments finally seeing her eyes and hair.

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, height increase, clothes ripping

Story by kaisai134
Artwork by SednaStudio-Seneca

High resolution (4134x5846)

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