Amazon War

Bombshell, while on loan to the DEA in a joint task force with the military, seeks to neutralize the rogue Colombian guerrilla-fighter-turned-drug-Kingpin known as Emiliana Escobar. Originally trained by the US government to destabilize the Colombian drug trade as part of Reagan's War on Drugs, Emiliana instead filled the power vacuum she'd caused and became a drug lord several times more ruthless then the men she'd buried. After one of her chemists accidentally exposed her to the prototype formula for an experimental new designer drug, Emiliana was gifted superhuman strength and adopted the alias of La Musculosa.

After tracking her target through the immense jungle of the Amazon for weeks with minimal sleep and food, the exhausted and hungry American super soldier is taken off guard by her prey. Rapidly growing in both height and muscle, La Musculosa drops Bombshell to her knees with a single sucker punch. Unfortunately for America's favorite daughter, Bombshell’s lack of proper sleep and food means she is unable to trigger her own "super strength" enhancements.

Emiliana stands over Bombshell, smugly gloating as she presses her boot into the American's back, pushing Bombshell down into the jungle floor. Emiliana thinks she has beaten America's best effort to stop her and her plans, but Bombshell has not given up yet.

Using her training to compensate for her relative weakness, Bombshell manages to throw the hulking drug czar off-balance and spring up behind the tumbling figure of La Musculosa. Using the last of her inner strength reserves, Bombshell barely manages to wrap her impressively muscular arms around Emiliana's waist by holding tightly onto her own gloves.

The world's top super soldier bends down low and leans back with all her force until she is able to lift the struggling giant off the ground and balance them on her chest. Her muscles bulging and arms straining against both the immense weight and La Musculosa's attempts to break free, Bombshell lifts her foe higher in the air until they are above her head. Finally, Bombshell allows gravity to strike the next blow as she drives the massive villain's head into the overgrown jungle floor. It is a truly desperate, last ditch attempt to take out her imposing opponent... that works! By suplexing La Musculosa, Bombshell manages to successfully use the villain's own weight and mass to render her unconscious!

The last of her strength rapidly draining from her body, the victorious heroine steadies herself on a nearby tree and fires a flare into the air to signal her position for immediate EVAC...

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, height increase, catfight, suplex, multiple girls, superhero, science

Story by Bombshell
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2038x3150)

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