An Unlikely Rescue

Sando had been caught unaware, subdued in her sleep and shipped off to the Hercules Corp research institute for study.

However, what Sando's captors did not account for was her lover Kachori, who followed them across the Atlantic to their facility in New York. Kachori did not let the cityscape of Manhattan or Hercules Corp's pitiful defenses stand in the way of coming to the aid of her lover.

Having dealt with the institute's guards, Kachori came upon Sando, still groggy from tranquilizers bound by shackles, a situation Kachori decided to take advantage of.

As it turned out, as soon as the tranquilizers had worn off, Sando easily freed herself from her bonds.

Exhausted from the rescue effort and her 'reward,' Kachori falls into the arms of Sando. 'You have earned a rest, little one,' Sando said, 'let us return home.'

Tags: Female muscle, multiple girls, sex, lesbians, giantess, destruction, Sando and Kachori

Story by asdf
Artwork by SednaStudio-Dai

High resolution (2498x2361)

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