Ant-Man's Trump Card

Scott Lang, the second man to take up the mantle of Ant-Man, is battling the super villain known as Yellow Jacket on a beach. Finding himself evenly matched with his foe, Scott soon realizes that he needs a better plan to end this battle fast. Thankfully, it was then that Scott spotted something familiar in the distance. Almost instinctively, Scott grabs and hurls one of his Pym particle discs towards Yellow Jacket... and utterly misses him.

"HA! You missed!" Yellow Jacket sneers.

"I wasn't aiming for you..." Scott smirks.

Before the villain could even process these words, a huge green foot came crashing down on top of him. The green foot in question belonged to none other than the Sensational She-Hulk... who was looking down and somewhat confused by her new perspective.

"Thanks, Jen! I couldn't have done it without you!" Scott shouted towards the (now gigantic) superheroine.

Tags: female muscle, bicep flex, height increase, giantess, destruction, accidental destruction, superhero, She-Hulk, comics, science

Story by Slapdash
Artwork by Drumstick

High resolution (3500x5000)

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