Bathing in Power Plant Ooze

After she feared she was lost, Chantrea finally found it. The grove of the Moon Blood flower.

She recalled the stories of her grandmother, who told her the flower was given its name after the miraculous sap secreted by the bulbous heads. In times gone by, many had travelled in search of the plant to harvest the sap. Kings and Generals had fought over small jars of the ichor because of the transformative effects. "Smear the liquid upon your skin, and even the smallest man becomes stronger than the largest elephant" her grandmother would say.

But the time of Cambodian Kings was over. Now, despots under the Khmer Rouge rule. The soldiers were rampaging through the nation, killing at will, and Chantrea knew of only one thing that could save her village - the power of the Moon Blood flower.

The flowers were huge, with bulbous heads and long vine-like necks. As they sensed her disturbing presence, the plants began to release their spores. The spores had evolved to trigger the erogenous zones in mammals and other jungle species. What better deterrent than to force the invading beings into a state where they only had one different thing on their minds - mating. Chantrea moaned as she inhaled the spores, feeling the quivering in her loins as every new step forwards caused her swollen clitoris to rub against her loose garments. Her nipples ached and her senses swam, but she persisted. She walked towards the largest plant she could find and stood beneath the enormous head. Unable to help herself, she allowed her dress to fall to the jungle floor. She caressed and rubbed her naked body, becoming lost in the spore-made lust.

Soon, she started to feel it. The pitter patter of oozing sap as the plants began to spew their miraculous bounty. The drops fell across her skin like rain. They fell onto her head, dripping down her face, and matting her hair. She began to rub the sticky fluid all over her body, across her arms and legs and chest. Her orgasmic ecstasy tripled as the sap began to seep into her skin at a rapid pace. Her nipples felt swollen, and her loins sent spasms of pleasure up her spine. First, she began to whimper; then she began to moan. Soon, Chantrea was fully crying out in bliss as her hands shook with furious masturbation. As the climax reached a crescendo, she tilted her head back and howled.

The howl was quickly reduced to a choking, gagging noise as the plant's bulb increased its production of sap tenfold. The ooze ran like a tower, drenching Chantrea in a thick layer. The fluid flowed into her open, twitching mouth and down her throat. It was in her eyes and ears and nose. Try as she might to move, she found herself frozen. The growth had started.

Chantrea stood beneath the plant, bathing in its excretion. Her legs were splayed wide, shoulder-width apart. Her arms were raised up, perpendicular to the ground. Her torso tilted back slightly, and her head was locked facing upwards with her mouth hanging open. All at once, her muscles began to twitch and writhe beneath her skin. The fibres began to expand, quickly filling her thin limbs with thickness. The sensations of her skin being stretched by ballooning, expanding flesh and sinew sent fresh streams of pleasure throughout Chantrea's body... but she could not move. She could only groan and twitch as the creek of sap continued to slide across her skin and into her mouth.

Limbs grew and muscle swelled. In a short time, the girl that had been Chantrea was no more.Left in her place was a towering behemoth in the form of a woman. As the Riga Mortis of the change wore off, her head lolled forwards. Her eyes beheld her changed form of massive muscles and dense breasts.

Chantrea smiled. The tyrants of her people would never see her coming.

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, height increase, clothes ripping, pleasure, Power Plant

Story by Lysander
Artwork by Altercomics-Melek

High resolution (6600x9926)

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