Demolition Divas: Afterparty

Demolition and vandalism in front of thousands of screaming fans was always a rush, but sometimes Belah craved a smaller, more intimate audience. Walking through the mall, the succubus could hear the thoughts of several onlookers, smiling to herself as more than a few just couldn't contain themselves as certain fantasies stood out in their thoughts and pants. All it would take was a little nudge in the right direction...

She hummed to herself, putting a song into the heads of around a dozen people in total. It didn't have any lyrics, but the thoughts it evoked were tempting. Giddy. Debauched. Thoughts of smashing glass and crushing metal played through her mind, and then into the minds of those particular fans. One fantasy in particular resonated in a nearby imagination and redoubled in intensity, pushing Belah even harder.

"Oh yes. You'll do nicely..."

She paused a moment, pretending to look at the mall directory while that beautiful imagination came closer. This close, she could read their mind like a book... and also feel their arousal, creating an almost electric feedback loop. Before they could say a word, she turned toward them with a bemused look, licking her lips.

"An autograph?" She asked, responding to the question before the fan had even vocalized it. "Sweetie... I'm going to give you SO much more than that." Trailing her fingers over their cheek, Belah implanted her intent in their mind: absolute destruction. Rather than recoil from the thought, she could feel their need for it. Their lust for it. She winked and headed for the parking lot, using their thoughts to zero in on her next victim. Spotting the pretty red jeep, Belah summoned her hammer to her and blew a kiss towards the owner.

"Oh, you get the *special* treatment for giving this to me!"

The first swing was catastrophic, crushing the motor in a spray of oil, destroying the front suspension, and flattening the front end like a stomped soda can. "That's right. You bow to me!" Ripping the winch off the front bumper, she compressed it between her hands, mangling the device and its gears before dropping it with mock disdain. Moving to the side, she put her fist through the window and then ripped the driver's door off, crushing it into a metal ball.

A crowd was gathering, and she could feel their curiosity and growing excitement, their own fantasies, feeding her own excitement in return... which only wound them up more! She was going to have to pace herself at this rate.

So much metal to crush, so many fantasies to fulfill.

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, pleasure, feats of strength, height increase, destruction, magic

Story by gnblaster98
Artwork by ZeroHour99

High resolution (3300x4200)

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