Demolition Divas: New Client

Her first visit to her new mistress had not been what she'd expected.

"I won't lay a finger on you in anger. I will touch you and please you in ways that will make you want to *scream*, but there *will* be a forfeit, and it will get more costly each time. However, if you make it to the end, you'll never forget it. Do you understand?"

The new client had nodded, but didn't really know what she was getting into until her mistress had planted a deep, lingering kiss on her mouth.

"And now for your first forfeit."

The Mistress had then used her long, diamond-hard nails to chisel "MINE" into the driver's side door.


"My car now, I think. In fact, it says so right here, see? But I did say I'd make it worth your while..."

A teasing caress, a peck on the cheek, and then a bump of her hip that left a deep dent in the rear fender.

"Oh! Such careless drivers out and about, right? Well, come with me and I'll take your mind off of such mundane worries..."

That had been three sessions ago. Now, as she watched her mistress work, the client realized her poor car was never going to move under its own power again. By the time her mistress was done, she'd be lucky to even get fair scrap value out of it. She winced and moaned as each blow rained down on the brutalized frame, but she couldn't help but imagine what her mistress would do to *her* afterwards. It was going to be absolute heaven.

Tags: female muscle, feats of strength, destruction, bdsm, lesbians

Story by gnblaster98
Artwork by Altercomics-German Erramouspe

High resolution (3460x2500)

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