Demolition Divas: Public Execution

The Road Warrior had heard tell of some kind of old facility here, from the time before. Maybe it had weapons, but it definitely had medicines. Unfortunately for him, while he'd been reconnoitring, someone had been scouting him as well. A hard blow to the head had put him out like a light, and when he came to, he was inside. And he knew he had no chance of fighting his way out...

"Stranger... you trespass on our land. You bring weapons that kill with the twitch of a finger. You bring that junk and the poisonous juice that makes it go. The same poison that killed the land tended by the Many Mothers. Look around you. Look at US. This land made us STRONG..."

Looking him in the eyes, she picked up his shotgun and crushed it with one hand.

"... because we worked with it. We rejected the junk. We brought the green back to the dry. We did these things with time, and body, and spirit, and the land -REWARDED us for our work. Stranger, I tell you this: You may stay with us... but the junk never leaves. Instead, it is added to our wall. That is your toll for coming through this land."

She nodded to her enforcer and smiled.

"Make sure it's properly prepared. Feel free to be creative."

The Executioner smiled and raised the hammer over her head...

Tags: female muscle, destruction, feats of strength, movies

Story by gnblaster98
Artwork by Emmanuel Xerx Javier

High resolution (3260x5013)

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