Doll Unit Zero Dominates


A thundering scream echoed above the rain. Massive thighs flexed and exploded in size as Doll Unit Zero, or Seth as she was known before, pushed against the floor, cracking solid rock underneath her feet as she propelled herself skyward. Torquing her muscular body, extending her colossal arm upwards in her own version of Ken’s very own Shoryuken, Seth connected with her indestructible fist against much inferior human flesh and bone. A sickening CRUNCH was heard as the impact shattered Sagat's rib cage, caving in his chest and propelling him towards the sky. Blood came flying out of his mouth as his broken body flew upwards, accompanied by her intact, flawless, and massive body.

Seth relished the feeling of totally dominating her latest opponent. While traveling upward she maneuvered the rag doll that Sagat had become and turned him to face down, encircling his lower body in her juggernaut arms, his upper body trapped between her tree trunk thighs. Smiling a sinister grin she flexed her bowling ball biceps and watermelon-sized thighs. A series of CRACKs, POPs, and CRUNCHes were heard instantly as she completely demolished whatever bones had not been pulverized yet. As they reached the apex of her jump, she pressed the limp body of Sagat against her unyielding flesh. Eliciting some more pops and cracks as they started their descent, her massive 400lb body hurtled them both towards the ground.

Their combined mass accelerated considerably before reaching the ground again. What followed was a spectacle of blood and bone. Sagat’s head crashed down, face first into the unmoving ground. Nose shattered, skull following soon after. His whole head was completely obliterated as his whole body crumpled afterwards from the force of the impact. With a satisfied sigh and a sensual licking of her lips, Seth unhinged her arms and legs from what was left of her rival’s body. A moan escaping her lips as she caressed her own breast with incomparable force. Streams of arousal could be seen running between her massive thighs that were rubbing together in excitement.

“Another fighter falls to my might. Now… for my favorite part…” Seth’s Tanden Engine, a Ying-Yang-shaped sphere in the middle of her body, started spinning. A blue and gold light started coming out from each half of the engine, illuminating the crumpled form of Sagat. An insistent whine came out of the engine as it spun furiously. Sagat’s body started shimmering and disintegrating in minuscule particles that were being absorbed by the engine itself. Once the body had disappeared completely, the gold and blue light bathed Seth’s whole body and was absorbed into it. A seductive sigh escaped her parted lips, and then it began.

Her already massive body started flexing, every muscle contracted and expanded in an unending cycle. Seth’s head snapped back and a pleasuring moan came out, her arousal increasing tenfold from the energy coursing through her body.

Then the growth started.

One by one, her muscles expanded suddenly, starting from her heart-shaped calves, her teardrop thigh muscles clearly separated, appearing to swallow her tiny knees in comparison. Eight individual cobblestones were pushing her core outwards as her metallic skin grew thin from the great flexing of her powerful abs. Her glutes expanded to basketball sized hemispheres creating the perfect crown for her earth shattering legs. Her arms halfway flexed, fists thrust forwards, biceps swelling and forearms expanding, which pushed her metallic skin to the limit, conveying the power that she now wielded. A scream of pleasure pierced the rainy night and a cracking thunder announced the pain yet to come for the entire world.

“He did not deserve that…” a challenging voice interrupted Seth’s orgasmic reverie. Ryu came into view, walking towards the perfected specimen. Seth chuckled and licked her lips.

“You couldn’t stay away?” she said, disdain dripping from her voice. “That’s fine. I’ll dispatch you as quickly as I did your blonde friend. He was delicious…” Her tongue peeked out of her mouth and licked her lips suggestively.

Ryu wasted no time and launched himself in a flurry of blows, each one propelled by his incredible Chi. Seth blurred into action, blocking every single punch and kick that came her way, moving with an impossible ease granted by her massive body. Each blow landed with a concussive THUD but she didn’t even flinch. Finally, after seconds of the unrelenting barrage, Ryu concentrated all of his power into a single Shoryuken connecting squarely into Seth’s delicate jaw.


A piercing scream was muffled by a sudden streak of lightning. A sinister grin drew itself in the doll’s beautiful face. Ryu cradled his broken hand in his other arm.

“How is this possible!?”

“Well, luv... you see, I’m perfection... and you… you are just fuel...” the sadistic doll spat. In an instant she was a flurry of motion. Standing on a single leg, she turned on her left foot with neck-breaking speed, her right leg coiled like a serpent. Once her flexed leg was aligned with her new victim she launched an earth shattering kick directly to her victim’s jaw. A resounding CRUNCH was heard as bone broke, teeth went flying and Ryu’s whole body was propelled skyward several meters. She was not done, however.

As Ryu toppled end over end while falling, Seth prepared her deadly legs for the finishing blow. With a thunderous kick she blasted her victim in the shoulder, shattering it into dozens of pieces and propelling him a bit higher, enough for her to flex and launch another kick that connected with his ribs this time. Several CRACKs and POPs were heard as his rib cage caved in grotesquely. Seth started picking up speed and firing deadly kick after deadly kick with ever-increasing frequency. Ryu’s body seemed to be suspended in mid-air, tumbling around and breaking spontaneously as the blur that was Seth’s leg mangled it with concussive force. His knee shattered, followed by his left arm, then his hip broke and then his nose was pulverized. Each resounding blow was propelled by a monstrous thigh that kept pistoning out with frightening force. Finally, with a particularly brutal blow, Seth impacted directly into Ryu’s spine, cracking it completely.

It was a terrible sight. The doll planted on her left leg, massive calves and quads bunching and flexing, providing a solid base. The rest of her body was utter perfection. Abs flexing dotted with droplets of sweat, deep canyons between each muscle made them pop out to bold relief. Her arms poised in a ready stance, coiled as if to fire away powerful blows with a millisecond’s notice. Biceps the size of melons flexed as her arms actually pressed her bountiful breasts together, fighting for space. Her right leg was extended completely, holding Ryu almost three meters off the ground, spine completely bent around her dainty foot.

Eyes glazed, face completely broken and deformed, he had seconds to live. With a sensual sigh, Seth slammed Ryu into the ground, using her leg as a hammer. Every single bone in the fighter’s body was shattered, laying in a crater created by the brutal attack. All he could feel was pain. He could barely breathe.

“P-p-please… no more…” were Ryu’s shuddering words.

Seth smiled. This was her favorite part. A broken fighter laying at her feet pleading for his life, and she had complete power over him.

She let her arousal distract her for a bit. Her hands caressed her body sensually. Groping her breasts and pinching her nipples, she let the sexual maelstrom take over. Palming her breast while her other hand touched her sopping pussy, she applied enough force to cave in a skull. For her, however, it was pure and unadulterated pleasure. That made it even greater: the knowledge that what brought her untold pleasure would be lethal for anyone else.

She opened her eyes and made eye contact with her fallen adversary. She could see his life slipping away, and activated the Tanden engine while she pleasured herself.

The whining, spinning engine wound up as she panted, close to her climax. Ryu started vanishing particle by particle as he was bathed by the blue gold light. Seth pinched her nipple as she kept absorbing the broken man. A crescendo of arousal took control of her thrusting hips. Humping her own hand faster and faster with ever more powerful thrusts, she reached her climax as the power was completely absorbed in her. A piercing scream signaled her orgasm as she slowly came down from her high. She could already feel her body changing, becoming ever more powerful, ever stronger, more flexible, better.

No one could stop her now...

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, artificial girl, robot girl, feats of strength, evil, domination, revenge, pleasure, video games, science

Story by snando
Artwork by Wolfgee

High resolution (3300x5100)

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