Fairy Tale: Red's New Granny

Red Riding Hood was a caring young woman and her town's great baker. She always loved to help others in need and cooked many dishes to sell them. However, she also made sure that her Granny, her only living relative, was taken care of. Her Granny lived in an isolated part of the Timber Woods, which was a good place to get firewood and other medical plants. Having not seen her Granny in a year, Red decided to visit her with some goodies as a gift.

After walking for some time through the woods, Red discovered giant wolf tracks. Red knew that these tracks belonged to the infamous Scar, a wolf with a missing eye that had killed many people and animals in the Timber Woods over the years. Red worriedly hurried to her Granny's house as fast as she could.

Upon her arrival at Granny's house, Red heard something truly strange: the sounds of clashing metal and the heavy grunts of some beastly animal. Concerned for Granny's safety, Red quickly rushed around the house in a mad panic... and witnessed something glorious.

Over the past year, Granny had discovered bodybuilding while visiting a distant town. After being dazzled by the display of huge, flexing muscles, Granny knew that she wanted in. Using all of her savings to buy workout equipment and mysterious protein supplements, Granny had gone full throttle. She began to exercise and lift constantly, growing bigger and taller each day for a year until she became a muscular behemoth!

The sounds that Red had heard were all the result of Granny lifting dumbbells the size of small car tires, her bulging muscles increasing in size as sweat flew off of them in a rapid blur of motion. Saying that Red was surprised by this sight would be an understatement to say the least. All Red could do was stare in amazement.

After Granny finished lifting, she grabbed the giant grey-wolf-fur-towel (made from the now deceased Scar) to wipe the sweat off her body. An appropriate demise for any animal dumb enough to disturb an old woman’s workout routine. Hanging the wolf skin around her neck, Granny picked up a sealed gallon of protein shake. The old woman then began to chug her latest gallon of protein shake down her dry throat.

Red, still stunned, now wanted nothing more than to be like her new Granny... and then some.

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, height increase, feats of strength, workout, natural fitness, GILF

Story by Larky101
Artwork by Salo, Ruben Curto

High resolution (2748x4200)

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