For the Long Kiss Goodnight

Amid the recent destruction of the Ark, the Forward Unto Dawn was severed in half after the space jump malfunctioned, leaving half the ship drifting through an unknown sector of space.

The only thing Sierra 117 can do now is enter his cryo pod and sleep until a rescue team arrives. Unsure when that would be, he pushes off the bulkhead of the crew cryo room he was now in and drifts weightless towards his absolution; that metal cocoon he is all but used to being trapped in.

As he floats ever farther away from her, Cortana looks at him and outstretches her arm, for she knows it will be an eternity before she will be with him again. She longs for his touch already... to hear his voice... re-enforcing his love for her without speaking a word. The pain is setting in, yet she ponders how she even came to feeling 'pain', for it is just a word, effortless in nature to a machine.

As the cryo pod hatch closes, she motions to the Dawn's computer to provide a cuddle buddy for her Chief, and at once a hard light copy of her likeness inflates to just the right size. She knows that he likes muscular women (with curves in all the right places). The hard light copy rests her head on his chest, tucks it's right shoulder into his left armpit, and straddles his left leg. It then places it's left arm across his chest and rests it's left hand on his armor where his right pectoral would be. Like a marionette, it follows all of Cortana's movements as she mimics holding her John in that very way.

She wishes to be this close to him, for she always felt safest with him, but all she can do is watch from the access pillar she is currently chained to. The cryo pod spools up, and the glass frosts over in an instant, taking her love where she is not able to follow. Without further thought into her current situation, she starts an emergency distress call on all frequencies and in all directions.

Cortana steps up to the cryo pod and places her hands on the glass, hoping to feel the warmth of his heart... but the dead calm of cold space has taken that from her. For the moment.

Tags: female muscle, artificial woman, video games

Story by lmelodramal
Artwork by SednaStudio-Dai

High resolution (2480x3508)

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