Goddess of War

The mighty Goddess of war, Krata, steps into the depths of the Labyrinth, ready to defeat its mighty guardian.

Once she enters the center of the maze, she sees an imposing and muscular figure crowned with the head of a fighting bull. A smile spreads across her lips as she confidently discards her Blades of Chaos, knowing she can handle her foe with the power of her muscles alone.

In a second, the beast charges, drool flying from its open maw and steam exploding from its nostrils. Krata launches a mighty punch into the beast’s jaw. A sharp CRACK echoes in the chamber and the beast loses its balance. The goddess chuckles and cracks her knuckles, ready for more. She launches a savage offensive, raining a series of devastating blows onto the once-imposing demon. Punch after punch batters the overmatched monster as bones shatter and hardened skin blackens with the onslaught. The tormentress, meanwhile, cackles maniacally with a thirst for blood only equaled by the power she possesses.

Finally, Krata grabs the Minotaur by the neck, strangling it in a powerful headlock and bringing the beast to heel.

Slowly increasing the pressure...

Flexing her steel-like bicep into its throat...

Constricting ever tighter...

Cutting off its air... until a wet CRACK finally breaks its neck.

The triumphant goddess stands up, dusts herself off, reclaims her weapons, and strides out of the Labyrinth with a confident smirk upon her lips.

Another labour completed. On to the next.

Tags: female muscle, gender bender, feats of strength, minotaur, goddess, video games

Story by Snando
Artwork by Altercomics-Emiliano Urdinola

High resolution (8858x6265)

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