Grandmaster of the Force... and Body

Emperor Palpatine had not been as foolish as Tarkin and knew that the first Death Star was not the all powerful weapon his underlings believed it to be. Upon the building of the second, the Emperor had initiated the production of another machine: a force weapon. This device would infuse the target with midi-chlorians, allowing them to become even more powerful in their ability to wield the force.

Having learned of this new weapon, Ashoka infiltrated the Death Star and found her way to its innermost chambers... but it was a trap! The Sith had intended for her to come so that they could test the device on her.

Ashoka felt the device activate... and was surprised to find that it did not hurt her. In fact, she just felt more aware of her surroundings. The feeling was not to last, however, as the two Sith Lords only wanted to test the device on a easily manipulated and disposable force user before proceeding with their own plans.

Ashoka continued to feel more aware.

Vader and Palpatine could both feel her growing power.

Knowing full well that she could not defeat two opponents like them on her own, Ashoka fled, leading them both on a chase throughout their terrible weapon.

All hope was not lost. Thanks to her brief experience of heightened force awareness, Ashoka had learned how to increase her midi-chlorian count through will alone. The force prefers balance and, as a grey Jedi, that is what she is. Her midi-chlorian count rose ever higher and even began to influence her body. New power surged through her as her muscles bulked and hardened.

When she was confident that she had a chance of handling her pursuers, Ashoka turned to face her Sith enemies in battle.

She was surprised by the ease in which she earned her victory.

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, alien lady, height increase, clothes ripping, science, movies, TV

Story by Saul
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2038x3150)

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