Growing Contest Overdrive 2: Arm Wrestling Challenge!

"You think you're still stronger than me? No way! NO WAY!" Ultra stomped her foot like a petulant child.

"Fine, I'll PROVE it to you. Let's settle this with some arm wrestling." Serenity carefully put the car down on the roof of the building she had been leaning on.

"How are we gonna do that?" Ultra scratched her head.

"Over there, brat. We'll use that parking garage as our table." Serenity hitched her thumb sideways.

"I'm not a brat!" Ultra stomped her foot again.

"Just come on." Serenity walked over to it.

"Hmph!" Ultra made some childish noises... but followed her.

Every footstep cracked the pavement, obliterated asphalt, and shook the ground like a miniature earthquake as the two gigantic, hulking women walked over to the parking garage.

"Please clear the way!" Luft said as she quickly shooed away the tiny people still around. "It's not safe here! Please leave. I promise I'll repair all the damage afterward, so just see to your safety right now!" The few people that had remained to gawk at them earlier cleared away and put plenty of distance between them and what was about to happen. Luft then hurried over to the parking garage.

"Let's do this." Serenity said as she leaned on the garage and planted her left arm.

"I'm going to DESTROY you!" Ultra said with a manic expression as she leaned in and locked hands.

"Not likely." Serenity wore a smug smile as she tightened her grip.

"All right, ladies. Let's keep this clean." Luft said as she placed her hand on theirs. "Ready? 3, 2, 1..."

What will happen when the match begins?

Tags: female muscle, armwrestling, muscle growth, height increase, feats of strength, giantess, multiple girls, destruction, bicep flex

Story by TheVoidSlayer
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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