Has the Frenzy Virus Mutated?

It is a known fact that the Gore Magala's Frenzy Virus negatively affects most hunters. Humans exposed to the virus usually find themselves weakened and vulnerable to raging monsters, but I recently heard rumors of a hunter who contracted the virus without exhibiting any negative symptoms. After months of searching, I found this hunter (who goes by the name of Shelly).

However, the rumors failed to mention that the virus HAS affected her, albeit in an unusual manner. Unlike most hunters, who have trouble even standing when infected with the Frenzy Virus, Shelly benefits from the virus, as it appears to have caused her to swell up several times in size. Shelly now towers over everyone around her, and her body is so engorged in muscle that she requires special, custom-made armor. Furthermore, Shelly now exhibits strength far in excess of her size, as she is capable of taking charging monsters head on and killing them with her bare hands. Despite lacking purple coloration, all evidence leads me to believe that Shelly's Frenzy Virus has achieved an Apex State.

Most hunters seem to be wary of Shelly and treat her as if she could infect them with the Frenzy Virus at any given moment. However, all the hunters I talk to who have teamed up with Shelly have nothing negative to say about her. I will continue to monitor Shelly for the time being. It is my professional opinion that she can be a boon to the Hunter's Guild, possibly as a Guild Knight. I will send another report on Shelly in the following months.

Signed, Guild Knight Collin.

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, height increase, video games

Story by MadDemon64
Artwork by Emmanuel Xerx Javier

High resolution (3000x4500)

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