Katie’s Awakening

It was hard to describe, because it all happened so fast. Katie stumbled back, bringing her hand to her head as she became incredibly lightheaded. Before she could process the current situation, her back arched drastically as the surge of energy blasted through her like a tornado of caffeine.

As her senses tried their best to bring the world back into focus, she was acutely aware that she had fallen to her knees. Katie wasn’t sure why she had gone down, because her body felt lighter than ever before.

Slowly, the room became less blurry and she was staring into Maggie’s shocked face. The blonde followed her friend’s eyes and realized what had happened. She was bigger... EVERYWHERE.

Slowly, her hands gently grasped at her incredibly tight t-shirt and raised the bottom towards her breasts. A gasping laugh escaped her quivering lips as the ripped abs and obliques danced in the morning light.

Tags: Female muscle, muscle growth, height increase, pleasure, magic

Story by Trent Harlow
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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