Lethian Lovers

Sophia has fought many battles alongside her Lethian allies, but as the war rages on it becomes clear she may never make it back to Earth. Throughout her various trials and tribulations, her newfound friend Sara remains by her side.

Sophia had always loved powerful women (having had more than just a childhood fantasy about She-hulk) and now she was one! Here beside her though was an even larger and more powerful woman. Sophia had quickly developed a major crush on Sara, but the four-armed and winged tigress always seemed so distant.

Sophia could not believe her luck the morning she learned Sara was not disinterested in having a more intimate relationship with Sophia, just distracted by the war. This was definitely going to be memorable morning.

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, height increase, alternate universe, catgirl, multiple girls, extra limbs, transformation, magic, Lethia, She-Hulk, lesbian sex

Story by Saul
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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