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Arthur was your typical non-jock: not super smart, but an all around good guy. Every day he dreamed about fantastic worlds and all of the amazing women that lived on them.

One day while walking home from school he was cornered by Butch the Bully and his cronies. After taking away Arthur's backpack they discovered his stash of comics and personal sketches (the poor boy really should have been listening in class) and destroyed them all before leaving him alone.

Picking himself up, Arthur went to the comic book shop to buy more comics so that he could escape his sad reality.

While there he ran into the timid and tiny Gwen while reaching for the same issue of a new series called Urban Amazon, a comic featuring a powerful woman defeating multiple men with ease. Upon seeing Arthur (and finding him very cute), Gwen noticed his torn clothing and bruising. After a short conversation the two discovered that they actually go to the same school, yet had somehow never run into each other before then.

Eventually the conversation turned to Arthur's bully problem.

Upon hearing the details of Arthur's torment, Gwen had an outburst so loud that the kindly (but strange) Storekeeper Mr. Merle Lynn could not help but overhear: 'I wish I was like the women in these comics so I could teach those guys a lesson!'

Shortly afterwards, Gwen and Arthur leave the store unaware that they have purchased a magic comic book.

And shortly after THAT, Butch and his gang found themselves getting a taste of their own medicine...

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, height increase, bicep flex, superhero, magic

Story by Gavral
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2195x3150)

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