Muscles Like a Horse

The Doctor was confused. It was a sensation he wasn't particularly fond of.

He and Leela had already survived so many adventures together, but something kept tugging at the back of his mind... how was she so strong? She wasn't exactly super-human in her feats of course, but she certainly displayed a physical capability well above that which should be possible of someone possessing her frame! She didn't posses the technical prowess to disguise herself with a hologram, nor the telepathic power to simply convince others she was that strong when she wasn't...

He finally asked her. She simply smiled and flexed.

As The Doctor himself once said: 'Answers are easy. It's asking the right questions which is hard!'

Tags: female muscle, height increase, growth, flex, TV

Story by Valeyard Vince
Artwork by Amblagar

High resolution (3126x2869)

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