Kitty was tired of being ostracized. Often made fun of for her unconventional looks, interests, and name (not to mention her skinny and petite 5’1” frame), she tried her best to take up training in the campus gym. However, her trainer Ron and the other gym meatheads were even more annoying than her classmates, so she decided to get some help from her vast chemistry knowledge. She concocted a strength transfer serum of sorts and spread it as an odorless, invisible gas through the gym’s ventilation. Now she’s actually getting something out of Ron— his strength and size! All of those years the gym guys spent building their bodies are wasted in a matter of minutes as Kitty and the other girls in the gym take revenge.

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, domination, attribute theft, multiple girls, flex, science

Story by Urza
Artwork by SednaStudio-Xue

High resolution (2550x3480)

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