Space Channel 5: Ulala Powers Up!

“You look tired, Ulala,” said the concerned bartender.

“I am,” she sighed, “This morning I had to report news and dance and shoot aliens at the same time. I’m beat. And this afternoon I’m supposed to play tennis and race other SEGA characters. Got anything that’ll give me some energy?”

“I’ve got just the thing,” the bartender answered. “I’ve got a nutrition shake made from 70 different power-ups from various video games. It’s got Super Mushrooms, spinach from the old Popeye arcade game, those white orbs from Altered Beast, power pellets, E-Tanks from Mega Man, and more! Let me get you a glass.”

Within a minute, the bartender handed her a milkshake that was glowing. When she grabbed ahold of it, it was vibrating with power. “Oh!” she exclaimed as she took her hand back in surprise.

“Don’t worry, it’s OK,” assured the bartender. “The pit crew from Ridge Racer uses this instead of nitro to power their cars.”
“But is it safe for living beings?” Ulala asked.

“Of course,” answered the bartender as he took a spoonful of the drink and dropped it into a nearby wilted potted plant. The plant grew six inches before flexing its leaf muscles, beating its stem chest, making a Tarzan yell, and uprooting itself before walking out the door. “I lose more plants that way,” said the bartender.

“Whatever,” sighed Ulala. “Just as long as it gives me energy to make it through the day.” She then chugged it all down.
Just then, she sat up straight as a board like a bolt of lightning jolted through her. Her eyes started spinning around like a slot machine until it landed on the word “CHARGE!” She blinked and her eyes went back to normal. But before she could say “What the heck?” she stood up from her barstool as her boots strained from her growing calves. Her thighs grew to rival Chun-Li’s, and her stomach flattened and grew out again to form a six pack. Her pecs tested the limits of her futuristic clothes, and she instinctively flexed her arms as mounds of muscle appeared. Somehow, the 5 on her chest changed to an S, and her oxygen tanks on her back turned into a cape.

“THANKS FOR THE BOOST, BARTENDER! HERE’S YOUR MONEY AND KEEP THE CHANGE!” she said in a booming super-Voice that shook the whole building. She laid down some Super-Money and flew out and crashed through the ceiling.

The whole bar stood quiet. Cammy White from Street Fighter broke the silence by raising her hand and saying, “I want what she just had.”

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, video games

Story by SuperCW
Artwork by SednaStudio-Kaka

High resolution (2481x3507)

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