Supply & Demand

After pulling off a few car heists for a change of pace, Black Cat decided that the best way to increase the value of the cars that SHE had was to make them even MORE rare.

This particular collection was extensive, beautiful, and well-maintained.

She grinned as she continued her methodical destruction of the LaFerrari. She bit her lip at the realization that she was well on her way to making the scrapyard crusher look like the gentle option. A nearby GT-40 had caught her eye for her next toy, but she wanted to take her time and be oh-so-thorough with all of them!

By the time she was done, this place was going to be the most expensive junkyard in the country!

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, height increase, clothes ripping, destruction, comics

Story by gnblaster98
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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