Tennyson Trouble

After his last adventure, Ben Tennyson's Omnitrix had been acting up. After tinkering and messing with it at home, Ben somehow unwillingly overcharged the alien watch. While he was away one night, a flash of green light emanated from the Omnitrix and covered every corner of Ben's house until it finally reached the only person that was home that night: his mother. Seeing as no one got hurt, the Tennysons didn't think much of it.

At least, not until the day Sandra noticed her clothing were a little too tight. She ran to the mirror and witnessed her shirt giving way to her expanding frame. Powerful, feminine muscles grew from out of seemingly nowhere as a red hue slowly covered her skin. An extra pair of arms quickly appeared and inflated underneath her new strong arms until the new pair were just as strong and powerful as the original ones had become.

Throughout the transformation, Sandra experienced a strange mixture of agonizing pain and intense pleasure. The sensations practically forced her to touch herself until she orgasmed.

After doing so, she reverted to her human self.

After her "incident", Sandra Tennyson sought help from the plumbers. They told her that they needed some time to figure out how to cure her. This was a huge nuisance for the transforming mother, as the changes seemed to always occur during the most awkward and inconvenient times. Sometimes the sensations were so intense that she groped herself in front of strangers while other times allowed her to be so stealthy that even she barely felt different.

The worst part of it all is that, even weeks later, Sandra seems to have no control over it whatsoever!

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, MILF, height increase, transformation, unwanted transformation, pleasure, alien woman, extra limbs, clothes ripping, bicep flex, science, TV

Story by Dragovian1
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (3300x5100)

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