The End of Corveld

The village of Corveld was warned of an orc invasion approaching their borders. Upon learning this information, every able-bodied man rode to war to slay the beasts.

Unbeknownst to them, the villagers had been deceived by a villainous wizard who used this opportunity to transform all of the village's women into raging orc warriors so that he could conquer the kingdom.

The women could only watch in horror (and growing battle lust) as the magic transformed them in both mind and body. Some among them even became males so that they could continue to grow the horde's numbers naturally!

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, multiple girls, bicep flex, clothes ripping, height increase, evil, monster girl, mind control, transformation, unwanted transformation, gender bender, destruction, magic

Story by Illicitpanic99
Artwork by Victor Serra

High resolution (2550x3509)

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