The Incredible Growing She-Hulk 3

A little while later in a laboratory beneath Avengers mansion, Hank has fully examined Jennifer.

"Well, it's not Pym Particles," Hank concluded.

"Then what is it?" Jen asked.

"It seems that your gamma levels are in a state of flux..." Hank replied.

"So, I should just change back to Jennifer Walters...?"

"NO! It's your "hulk" body that's keeping you from crushing yourself under your own weight!" Hank hurriedly interrupted.

"We will fix this, Jen." Janet placed a hand on her growing friend's leg reassuringly.

"I think I've found something!" Hank suddenly shouted dramatically as he pointed at his monitor. "There seems to be some sort of nano-tech inside of your body that is emitting gamma radiation directly into your pituitary gland! That must be the cause of your incredible growth!"

"The Leader is behind this. He has to be. Can you remove it?"

"Yes, but it will take sometime due to your Hulk physiology..." Hank paused as he considered his next statement carefully. "...we also need you to stay as calm as possible no matter what happens. Getting angry may dramatically accelerate your growth. If you become too big, it may be impossible for us to remove the device, resulting in you growing indefinitely."

"Okay, Hank. Do your thing." Jen quipped to hide her fear and calm her nerves.

Unfortunately, just as things were about to get underway, an alarm went off to signal a nearby "Kaiju" attack. Knowing that the Avengers were still out in space, Jen watched the view-screen in apprehension.

Hank quickly piped up to ease her fears. "The Fantastic Four or the X-Men will deal with the monster."

But Jen continued to watch as those other heroes entered the fray. As the battle continued. As the heroes failed to slow the monster's rampage by one minute.

"They need my help!" Jen exclaimed, her blood pressure rising.

"We need to concentrate on removing that device!" Ant-Man countered.

As She-Hulk continued to watch the ongoing battle, her agitation grew... and the rest of her followed.

"Jen! Please! You need to remain calm. JEN!" Janet and Hank pleaded.

Unfortunately, their shouts fell on deaf ears and She-Hulk continued grow. Standing up straight, the rapidly growing She-Hulk went straight through the ceiling and continued through until she burst out of mansion's roof. Now free to act upon her every impulse, the giantess She-Hulk headed out to face the giant monster alone...

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, height increase, giantess, destruction, transformation, mental transformation, unwanted transformation, superhero, She-Hulk, comics, science

Story by slapdash
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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