The Incredible Growing She-Hulk

Jennifer Walters, also known as the superhero She-Hulk, woke up feeling something off... but she wasn't sure what it was. It started with her slippers not fitting (she even thought she was trying on her human-sized pair by mistake)!

Jen shrugged it off and had breakfast as she got ready for her day off. However, that odd feeling came back as she tried to get dressed. None of her clothes were fitting her correctly. None, at least, except for her costume. Unstable molecules for the win!

"Come on! These fit last week..." She muttered to herself. "Must have shrunk in the wash..."

Before she has a chance figure out what was going on, Jen got an alert from the Avengers. As she made her way to the Avengers Mansion, Jen overheard several off-hand comments about "How much bigger She-Hulk is in real life!"

Reaching the Avengers Mansion, Jen ducked through the huge double doors. "Were the doors always this small?" she thought as she got ready to meets the other Avengers inside.

The team could not help but notice Jen was looking a lot taller than usual. A concerned Captain America carefully asked, "Jen... are you okay?"

She smiled. "I'm fine, Steve."

"You seem taller, Jen..." Captain Marvel added. "I mean, more than you usually are."

"I must've gotten some extra dose of Gamma radiation when we defeated the Leader the other day. You know how much he loves the stuff. This is probably as tall as I am going to get," she replied. "So, what was the alert for?"

"We picked up a reading. An unidentified object is heading to Earth," Black Panther answered. "We are going to intercept it."

"SUIT UP, AVENGERS!" Captain America called out.

"...You better borrow your cousin's suit, Jen," Captain Marvel quietly added.

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, height increase, clothes ripping, superhero, She-Hulk, comics, science

Story by slapdash
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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