The New Materia

Tifa wanted to surprise Cloud with the new materia she'd bought. She had already tested it a couple times by that point and tonight seemed like it was the perfect opportunity for her to go all the way with it.

She wanted to have sex with him during the change. Tifa knew that Cloud secretly had a fetish for powerful women. Finding this strange materia in the item shop last week was pure luck, but it gave her the perfect chance to make Cloud hers. She also knew that she had to act quickly so that she didn't risk Aeris finding her own materia to steal Cloud away with!

Tifa's sudden kiss took Cloud by surprise, but it was nothing compared to what she had in store for him in the bedroom...

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, height increase, clothes ripping, magic, video games

Story by Jenfan
Artwork by Everton Sousa

High resolution (2000x1820)

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