The Queen's Throne

Following the disbanding of the Golden Deer, Marianne was all alone, lost in a great war.

With her anger consuming her, it was impossible to ignore the beckoning of her crest's power within her... and she eventually gave in. The power consumed her and gave her strength great enough to even rival that of the goddesses.

With this power, she fought her own war: one not for eagles or for lions, but only for her own goals. When the smoke of the battlefield cleared, she was the one left standing to claim the throne of Fódlan.

She now searches for a man fit to be the king of her kingdom. You appear to be the perfect candidate... so long as you can prove yourself.

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, clothes ripping, transformation, magic, video games

Story by Anonymous
Artwork by Tong (Studio Arieta)

High resolution (3300x4960)

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