To Serve and Protect

"Hmm..." Eve pondered her choices. Both were equally tempting in her eyes. If she took the angel's offer, she could become the cop her father always wanted... but if she accepted the demon's deal, she could finally get revenge on everyone who'd ever bullied her. "Could I…could I get a small taste of both before I decide? Like, a sample or something?" Eve timidly asked.

The demon laughed. With each laugh, she grew in size, her muscles visibly pumping up larger and larger. Was this a mocking laugh or a genuine one? Eve couldn't tell.

The angel, however, clearly considered Eve's question.

"Under normal circumstances, that would be impossible. However, if we were to pool our powers together, we could give you the preview you desire," the angel replied. She stared up at the demon, who glared down at Eve with a mischievous grin. "What do you say, demon? Truce?" The demon licked her lips and looked down at the angel almost lustfully. "Sure," replied the demon, taking pleasure with every syllable she uttered. "We can give her what she wants. Let her savor the experience and decide for herself. What good is a promise of power without a little... sampling?" The two shook hands, the demon's massive hand almost devouring the angel's.

A moment passed, and then Eve's vision swam. Her room disappeared into a fog, and the angel and demon faded from view. Eve looked around in surprise. She considered calling out for the two titanesses, but she realized that she never actually learned either of their names.

Eve blinked once, then twice, and suddenly found herself in a dirty alleyway at night. Her surprise was short-lived, though, as her body began to feel tight. The alleyway shrank before her, growing smaller and smaller.

"Hey, who the fuck are you?" a tiny voice cried.

Eve looked down and saw a small man who wasn't there a second ago. He had the body of a full-grown man, but he was shorter than child. He also carried a purse and was flanked by two similarly small men with guns. "Is she some sort of freak?" one of the other men squeaked as he pointed his gun at her. "Oh, shit! Look at her! She's a cop! A freak cop!" the third man replied.

Eve looked down and saw that, indeed, she was wearing a police officer's uniform. One that was, much to her surprise, tightly stretched over a body that was not her own. It was massive, easily as big as the angel's. If it weren't for her sizeable breasts, Eve could have been mistaken for a male bodybuilder. But that wasn't why the little men called her a freak. Out of the corner of her eyes, Eve spied two gigantic wings erupting from her back... and two little people were hiding behind them.


A shot rang out in the alleyway. One of the small men had fired a gun aimed directly at Eve’s chest.

Eve, looked down at her body in surprise, fearing the worst. Thankfully, all she found was a scuff mark on her new uniform and a bullet hole in a wall. "That wasn't very nice," Eve boomed as she picked up the man with the purse. It was then that she noticed he was wearing dark clothes and a mask to hide his identity. She was witnessing a crime! The three small men were mugging the people behind her. A smile crept across Eve’s face.

"Let go of me, you stupid bitch! I said let go!" the small man cried as he pounded away on her hand.

Eve didn't feel his tiny fists against her oversized thumb. She also didn't feel anything as she heard more gunshots, the bullets harmlessly bouncing off her. With a smirk, Eve casually tossed the small man into the other two, which was more than enough to knock them out of the alleyway and into the street. "So this was the power the angel had promised," Eve thought to herself. As she strolled out of the alleyway, Eve looked at the would-be muggers. They were out cold. Even when she didn't exert herself, Eve was far stronger than she could've dared imagine.

"Th-thank you," a little voice squeaked from behind Eve. She turned around and saw the people who had hid behind her. Eve had almost forgotten about them. "Anytime, citizen," Eve responded as softly as possible, but, even when whispering, her voice exploded with enough force to shove the people back.

Then, without even thinking, Eve flexed her legs, jumped high into the sky, and soared off into the night. She pumped her wings instinctually, as if deep down she’s always known how to fly.

As she flew, Eve thought about what had just transpired. She, as a cop, stopped a crime like her father did on a nightly basis. And it felt right. Eve considered all the possible words to describe what happened, but "right" was the only one that seemed to fit. She imagined what else she could do with her strength, but as she flew, a fog crept in around her.

With a frown, she banished the fog with a mighty flap of her wings and found herself back in her bedroom, her massive body nowhere to be found. As she looked around in confusion, the angel and demon stared down at Eve with pleased smiles.

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, height increase, bicep flex, gentle giantess, alternate universe, magic

Story by MadDemon64
Artwork by Enroc Studio

High resolution (5100x3300)

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