Ultimate Absorption

For the past several hours, Asellus and Princess White Rose have been battling the endless stream of monsters within the Bio Research Lab, testing the limits of their abilities and, more perhaps importantly, trying to absorb the most powerful monsters they could find. The two eventually came across a ferocious monster that resembled a cross between a kraken and an Earth Dragon. Thinking quickly, Asellus burrowed her faeblade into the beast's hide. As normal, the monster swirled into the faeblade as if sucked in by a black hole... but then, something unusual happened.

Asellus's form stretched out in every direction. Her height shot up to seven and a half feet tall. She gained breasts to rival a porn star and muscle mass to make any male bodybuilder green with envy. This was definitely a strange occurrence.

Tags: female muscle growth, clothes ripping, absorption

Story by Lupus753
Artwork by Arieta

High resolution (3300x5100)

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