You're All Mine

Her man had spared no expense that night and, after their third bottle of sake, they were both aching to get back to their room.

As Trent was pouring more sake for them, Candy sauntered in from their large closet. She was wearing the lingerie he'd bought her last Christmas. She smiled seductively and produced a bottle of vitamin water from behind her back.

Trent smiled knowingly as she downed the bottle.

Once she reached him, her swelling breasts were already inching past his eye level. He felt her thickening arm gently push him onto the bed, and his arousal grew along with her body. The clothing begin to tear as she crawled seductively along his body. As her breath kissed his cheeks, he felt one of her strong hands slide into his boxers. "Mmm... looks like I'm not the only big thing in this bed..." She cooed to him.

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, clothes ripping, height increase, breast expansion

Story by Trent Harlow
Artwork by Danusko

High resolution (2480x3508)

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